3 Lipsticks You CAN'T Live Without!!

I am what you would call a "Lipstick Whore" (lol). I have every single lipstick shade you could think of. From the basics to all the fun colors like midnight black and royal blue, you name it, I have it!

With hundreds of lipsticks in my collection, I have been able to figure out what 3 lipsticks I can't live without. These 3 lipsticks are the shades I believe everybody should have as a part of their beauty bag.

Here are The 3 Lipsticks You CAN'T Live Without!!

1. The Nudest Nude - Milkshake by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This shade of nude is NUDDDEEEEEE. I can't even begin to explain how perfect this shade is.

2. The Prettiest Pink - Snob by Mac Cosmetics

This is Jake's Personal Favourite. The name says it all. This lipstick says "You're not on my level". It is such a bitchy pink shade but so pretty at the same time! Perfect for all ages too!!!

FUN FACT: Did you know Pink Lipstick helps you look more youthful? That's right. With just a little pop of pink on your lips, you will have a fresh-faced glow.

3. The Most Fierce Red - Uncensored by Fenty Beauty

Oh My God. The fact that this lipstick was crafted in the hands of the one and only Queen RIRI herself says it all. This Lipstick was made for ALL SKIN TONES. No matter how fair or deep your skin tone is, this shade is the perfect red for you.

No matter where you are going or who you are seeing, I can promise you that these 3 Lipsticks will have your back and they will serve you well. You can thank me later!



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