Okay girlies, it's time we talk about SCRUNCHIES!!!

One of my favourite parts about growing up in the '90s would be scrunchies and bell-bottom jeans. So when both of them started to make their way back into society over the past two years, you can just imagine my excitement.

Besides scrunchies being the ultimate cutest accessory ever, they are also the best and least damaging way to tie your hair up.

You all know my crazy hair journey and how my hair was a hot mess for the majority of last year. My hair had extreme breakage all over. I had pieces of hair that were 2 inches long. Needless to say, it wasn't a cute look. So I started looking into my hair habits and what I was doing wrong.

After tons of research, I realized that the cause of my breakage was from hair ties. I tied my hair up every single day and every single night. Traditional hair ties are the most damaging way to put your hair up. They cause a ridiculous amount of tension on your hair which leads to breakage over time. Not to mention, they hurt your head and leave dent lines in your hair. Obviously I had a panic attack when I found this out because I can't go a day without tying up my hair.

Searching for alternatives I found that scrunchies were the best option. Scrunchies are made using an elastic band or hair tie that is concealed in fabric tubing, adding a layer between the elastic and your hair. This causes less tension and friction on your hair preventing damage. Not to mention, they are super cute and don't leave any dent lines in your hair!

With that being said I have to tell you that the most amount of damage happens when your hair is wet or damp because your hair expands when it dries. If you tie your hair up while it's wet, you aren't leaving any room for it to expand giving your hair no other option but to break. So make sure your hair is dry before tying it up.

So that's when my scrunchie search began... and after a year of searching for the poofiest most comfortable scrunchie that held my hair but wasn't too tight... I found OneFive1!

OneFive1 is a local small business run by an amazing mother-daughter duo located in Bradford, Ontario. These girls create amazing soy candles and of course... the BEST SCRUNCHIES EVER! They spent a total of 6 months and 52 scrunchie creations to create the most perfect scrunchie ever.... with just the right amount of poof. They have so many colours/designs and are always launching new collections to keep your style game strong and give you scrunchies to match every single outfit. All I can say is they nailed it and I am going to be a loyal customer forever!

They just dropped their summer collections and you don't want to miss out on these fun, flirty and summery styles. Check them out below!!!

Aren't they just the cutest things you have ever seen? I'm so obsessed. And the scrunchie pattern is the same for all of them to make sure you get that perfect SCRUNH every single time! Making your transition to scrunchies for your hair's health couldn't be easier when you have cute patterns like these. #obsessed

The Tie Die & Tropic Like It's Hot Collection launch today on the OneFive1 website and are available while supplies last! So make sure you grab them before they are gone!

You can thank me later when your hair is the healthiest it's ever been.



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